Ah, the oldOld, old, old, old, old... diner. Everybody knows me thereBecause of the time I stood on the counter and tried to explain how Hemingway was completely worthless. While piss drunk.. I have many good memories there, and I never fail toRead: never. catch the eye of the new lady hiresThere has never been a new lady hire. Ever. You've got to wonder what kind of guy runs the place.... Good, cheap foodNo booze. and good sounds from the jukebox
My ass.
make it the ideal dinner location.

* * *

I got there early, but Kato was already there, wolfing down a blue plate special with two empties on the table attesting to the depth of his hunger. I knew something was wrong, sensing it from the way he sat at the tableSeeing he'd ordered two specials. and the look in his eyesThat after eating the first one.. Before he spoke, he had me worriedThat he'd want me to pay..

"Ah, good to see you, Rutherford." He seemed more relaxed than he'd been on the phone, as though he'd regained his composure. Perhaps Sisyphus had crested the hill?Recurring allusive metaphors! I am on fire! Who's the fucking novelist now, huh, high-school English teacher Mr. Chips? WHO?

"Good to see you, Kato. How are things with you?"

"My cat's dead, and I'm notThis is when I realized he'd lost it.. That's why I'm here to see you."

"Eh? Why me?"

"No time, Rutherford, or, rather, I've got plenty of time and want to spend as little of it as possible in the same zipcode as yourselfHere I reconsidered my verdict of crazy, supposing he might be making a joke - if one in incredibly poor taste..

"Are you familiar with the Schrödinger's Cat thought experiment?"

"YesWhat the fuck? Cats?, somewhatDefinitely grade A looney material at this point.."