Ú • ۓӕ ͕. Discotheques include a wider array of music than in the west. I don't say yet, though, that they play more jungle here, but last night the club I was in, just like the two or three or five before it, were in old cellars beneath eighteenth century houses, with low domed ceilings, and this is called a discotheque, though there is only one silvery ball hanging from the ceiling.

That it why in Moscow no club really looks like a club. But for that you can go read Fodder's or something.

The I'm speaking of, however, does not take place in these but in more specified clubs, where I know most of the DJ's and where the French poet who wandered into my apartment is even more widely known.

" ? ԕ ! ̸, ے ̖ , ӗ’!"

Discotheques are frequented here like in the rest of Europe- too much, and though there is a particular genre of people that regularly frequents them, almost anyone will casually go dancing, taking for granted that dancing is a physical necessity, and that some clubs sprout up so generically and blandly that they have acquired the status of McDonald's in the West.