In order to more empower you, the reader, let me send you off with a better idea of how this text is set up.

The opening screen you will see when you follow the "continue" link is not the beginning of the text. It is merely a navigational jumping point from which you can move on to any one of the 25 nodes that make up the section of this text that I, your author, have written. Each of these nodes consists of a single sentence, full of links. Follow them. String them together. Write this text.

Note: You may feel adrift in this expanse of barely-related nodes and links. Relax. Take a deep breath. Let the current carry you along. Do not feel like there is something to žgetÓ or ždiscover.Ó Do not feel compelled to remain with the words that I, your author, have written. If a link takes you somewhere you would like to explore, remain, and do so. If a node reminds you of another author you would like to read, then go, and do so. Why, if this whole experience makes you want to run screaming from your computer and curl up alone at the base of a tree, by all means, do so. This text is what you make of it.

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