My real life navigation is certainly not led by mere expertise and intelligence, but by a good deal of sensual information that helps me locating myself and, more important, to decide intuitively.

Orientation has a lot to do with experiencing the transition from one place to the other. This transition is tied together inseperably with tons of sensual excitements, some of them redundant, some not. It might be annoying to smell the ventilation of some bar's dirty toilet, but it might just as well give me another coordinate on my sensual map.
In a supermarket, I locate the fish counter by smelling it, decide on the camembert by pressing it a little and look at the lettuce's colour to see how fresh it is.

Physicality and sensual impressions seem to be left behind in today's conceptualizing of what a future cyber-information-storage might look like. I am not looking for a better cybersex-suit to appeal my senses (well, not really) but for the lose beam, a system that takes account of the subjective sensual means of finding a way through the world. One that uses this insight to create a storage system that is not based on a logical way of labeling things but on the rottening apple at the right upper corner of my desk which smell reminded me of handing in my course registration.

In cyberspace, nobody knows you're blind or deaf and nobody cares yet.

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