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A conversation with Janice today -

    "Would you be affected if ma and pa divorced?"




    " Why not?"

    "It's their choice, their relationship. Besides, we're all grown up now, aren't we. They've been antagonistic towards each other sinceŠGodknowswhen. I don't see a divorce making much of a difference to the current situation."

    We've ordered a new air-conditioner. It's coming next week methinks. Finally.


    Brendon (my ex-neighbour) called today. He's a senior from University of California, Berkeley and he's doing PEIS (I understand that's like Berkeley's version of IR). We talked about school mostly. I told him about my plan to go to Stanford to do IR and it was amusing to hear him grouse about Stanford (Berkeley and Stanford apparently have this big antagonistic thing going on between the schools) I also mentioned my Francophile plans for the week and my big plan to watch A Bout de Souffle (Jean-Luc Godard) again. He likes that movie. Cool.

    The apple and cheese party went well, except the boursin had a strange smell and nobody dared to eat it. We wasted the first 20 minutes of our Econs lesson on sparkling grape juice. Great fun.

    Kelvin's written 20 more lines. I wonder if his poem's going to be an epic one.


Janice my older sister has returned from her overseas assignment posting. I told her about my plans to order the air-conditioner. She told me she'll give me some help.

   She had a crush on Brendon. I'm amused. She said she used to stand at the gate and watch us skate. Of course, she focused most of her attention on him.

    She bought me a couple of postcards from the musées -musée d'orsay, musée rodin. Paris is very beautiful in the summer. Kelvin and I are going through a little Francophile phase this week. We're going to have an apple and cheese party. Les pommes et les fromages. How parfait!


    I'm getting fed up. I'm going to order the air-conditioner.

    My parents haven't been back for two days. I know that my dad's stayed over at his office and my mom's at aunty Natalie's. Nobody seems to care about the humid state in the house. Since I have my father's credit card number, I'm going to call up Daikin and order one of them aircons.

    Kelvin seems to think the process is more complicated than I perceive. "There are those split aircons to four rooms and whatever," he said. "You have to decide carefully on how you want your air channelled."


    I hate to complain but it's really scorching in here.

   The heat wave's been going strong for the past two weeks and it looks like it's here to stay. Today's funeral was a killer. We stood at the burial ground for at least an hour, all dressed in black. I was sweltering and perspiring.

   It's amazing how I met my ex-neighbour today. He appeared from nowhere, tapping me on my shoulder. His name's Brendon Ong and it turns out we were attending his father's funeral. It's so weird seeing your ex-neighbour after nearly ten years. He should be 23 years old now. We used to skateboard together when I was six and he was thirteen. He should be messaging me anytime now.


    My parents were discussing finances today, which eventually erupted into a heated argument (no surprise there). I don't think they can afford to send me to anywhere else except the Singaporean universities and probably Australia. Which means I have to get my scholarship. My seniors tell me it won't be a problem, judging from the stuff I'm churning out for my tutors. There's the Promos coming soon. I can't screw that one up!

    The funeral's tomorrow. It'll be the second funeral I've ever attended. The first one was a Buddhist ceremony. This one's a Catholic one.