The name's Minyun.

16 going on 17


JC Humanz student

positively flippant

in the face of potential trauma

this week in progress

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    I'm taking a break from logging. Kelvin's almost done with his poem except he seems to have hit writer's block.

    I think everyone's generally tired at this time of the year. The heat compounds the effect of inertia and irritation. When will it ever end?

    The air-con is coming tomorrow. I whoop for joy.

    I smell burning smoke in the air perpetually. The near-suffocation effect is almost frightening.


    Enthusiastic, almost psychotic.

    " May I speak to Minyun please?"

    Why do you want to speak to me, someone you've only met once? Why do you want to release all your greatest fears to someone who hardly knows you? Why do you insist on forging a bond when we have shared nothing but skateboards and pavements in the last ten years?

    Sometimes I really don't understand people. I don't think I should even try.


    Stuff rushed and handed in: an English Lit essay carelessly done on Hamlet. Maths tutorials.

    I can feeling the mid-term crunch approaching, sneaking onto us. Before we know it, it'll be the Promos. I don't think I'll be updating very often.