-I need you2-

   "I need you."

    He said those words again. Instantly, I was uneasy.

    "Don't say that. Nobody really needs anyone," I replied, trying to keep my voice level. "Look, you're just worked up. Wait till some time has passed and you'll be okay again."

    "No I need you," he said. "Because you tell me things like that."

    "You're just talking nonsense," I said. "You're just shocked." I wiped the perspiration off my nose bridge.

    "I need you," he insisted. We were back to familiar territory, an irrational space that amazed and frightened me.

    There was only one way to break free. I coughed and said, "You might need me, but I don't need you."

   There was an uncomfortable silence.

    This time I was the one running away.