I can't remember when Paul and I met. I think we met during a cocktail party. We exchanged name cards. He worked in the advertising business while I was a journalist. We discovered we enjoyed jazz, champagne and travelling. He called me up when he had a function a few weeks after, needing a date. I obliged. It was one of the best moments I've had in my dating experience.

    Paul is amazingly stable and stoic for an advertising executive. He seems more like an accountant. He looks the part - his thin DKNY wire framed glasses sits perched on an aquiline nose, his high cheekbones perpetuate an air of studiousness and his clothing remains exclusively practical brown, white, black or navy blue. He is a man of little words and laughs silently. He prefers a merlot to a Heineken and a silver Lexus to a red hot Porsche. He owns three laptops and a whole host of other electronic gadgets that I cannot bother to understand. My sister Gillian thinks he is too serious and boring. But he is thoughtful, supportive and sweet. I think he is one of the rare people in my life with a sense of integrity and character. In my job as a fashion editor, I find those qualities sorely lacking.