Exit, Stage Left

The Main Hall

The main hall of the mansion is impressively large, and serves more as a showcase of the antiques gathered here than as a functional living space. It is laid out in a rectangle, but with the corners turned inside out to make a rather fat twelve-sided cross. The walls are stone, and ornamented with stylish portraits of unknown people, by unknown artists. The roof is supported by four pillars, each of which is flanked by upright suits of armor, throwback to an earlier, more romantic age. Two large staircases lead to the second floor of the mansion, but are roped off for tonight.

A set of double doors between the two stairs leads to a hallway and eventually the ballroom, and a set on the opposite side leads back to the foyer. At the rear of the stage, three doors lead (from left to right) to the study, the sitting room, and the dining room.