Exit, Stage Left

Cheyenne Richards

Cheyenne Richards could easily be the sort of woman found at the arm of any rich man wishing to make an impression. The impression made, however, would be of a different sort than most "trophy women", as Cheyenne's social circles are most likely drawn in chalk dust and inscribed with mystic symbols. Her sense of style is trademark Goth: dyed-black hair, black leather with silver jewelry, enough black to make one wonder where the funeral is. Until she starts talking, that is; instead of vampires and werewolves, Cheyenne feels at home discussing tensile strengths and thermodynamics--when she's not attending parties, she's an engineering major at CalTech. It leaves most men speechless; which is just fine for Cheyenne.

Recently, she's been seeing a lot of Eric Chiang. He even managed to drag her along to his friend James's premiere of something called Exit, Stage Left.