The End! Or Is It...?

You made it! Or... maybe you didn't! Actually, there's a pretty good chance you didn't. But you did follow the story through well enough to have reached one of seventeen different endings, not including the ones where you just die from a dumb choice. That means there's plenty of action left out there--plenty of other options to explore, people to meet, cyborg killers to dodge.

Or maybe you've had enough of this dark, relentless world, and you're ready to kick back and do something less reading-intensive.

Whatever your decision, thanks for playing/reading through The Cold Awakening. I hope you enjoyed your glimpse of the project.

Now what say you--ready for some more action?

      I'm not done with CyberCorp yet!

      No... that last ending was just too depressing.

The Cold Awakening was created by:

Adam Mazer, Writer

Daniel Byers, Writer, Graphics, Web Design, Media