Femme Fatal

I start running. Something just went terribly wrong there, Iím sure of it. Why did I ever trust Tess in the first place? Now, the only weapon that gave me the upper hand over CyberCorp is gone, vanished into the ether. And Iím sure itís all my fault.

I round the corner in a full sprint, barely keeping myself upright on the wet pavement. Where do I go? Where the hell can I find somewhere safe? Where can you get away from the most powerful entity in the world? Goddamnit. Iíve shot myself in the foot. What kind of P.I. am I? A worthless one, apparently.

A patter of feet on the street behind me. Someoneís coming. I whirl around to see my pursuer, but thereís no one there. My imagination, or Ė then I realize why. Up in the air is a shadowy black shape, falling directly towards me. Just before it lands, I see the enigmatically emotionless face and the sweeping black hair. Hello, Tess.

The claws emerge from her hands as she descends, and then sheís on me, and my head hits the ground with a wet thunk. Guess it serves me right for being so fucking stupid.


Try Again.