The Mighty Sir Jack Pheonix

I follow Aimé into another game--this time we're on a team. He teaches me some tactics and before long I guess I'm starting to enjoy the whole damn thing. In fact I've got no idea how much later it is when we move on. We hop in spacecraft simulation combat, World War 2 shooters, eventually even hit up some strategy and role-playing games. I'm loving it so much I order in a techie with a feeding tube so I don't have to quit.

He gets me involved in this massive fantasy game. I make my place in the community battling off attacking monsters and running errands. Eventually I work my way up the ranks and get my own castle. People bow to me and call me Lord. Life is good.

At some point I realize that I can't get out of the game. It bothers me for awhile, but then a purple dragon attacks the eastern realm, and I charge off to aid my fellow Duke Sir Greenhilt in glorious battle.


Try Again.