A few blocks away, The CyberCorp pyramid dwarfs the rest of the skyline in the dawn half-light like a technological tower of Babel. Except this one is finished. It’s poking the gods. It’s the tallest building in the city, which is quite a feat in a city of this size, but what do you expect from the owners of the world? Or at least, the owners of everyone who’s ever touched a microchip. Well, boss, you better watch out now.

Gotta keep this quiet. A direct frontal assault will never work, but when you’ve been in the biz as long as I have, you know there are always more ways to get into a place than the front door. Hell, doors are overrated anyway.

As I walk along, there’s a clink from below me. I look down to find I’m standing on a manhole cover. Well hey. Never been a big fan of the sewers, so damn disgusting, and dark especially, you never know what – or who – might be hiding around the next bend. Just doesn’t sit well with me. But you know, in this case, it just might be my best shot. There is another option, though. All buildings have ventilation systems, they have to. One of the gates will open to the outside, invariably. With just a little bit of acrobatics, it wouldn’t be inconceivable that I could get into CyberCorp through some air ducts. Hm. Which way should I go?


      Air Ducts

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.