Flat Denial

ďIím sorry, Drake,Ē I hear myself say, ďbut I just canít trust you. The implants they gave you, they allow you to be completely dominated by those CyberCorp assholes, and where Iím going I canít have a liability like that, whether itís supposedly disabled or not. Iíll be making my own way.Ē

ďSuit yourself,Ē he says with a little snarl in his voice. ďYouíll never make it there without me. I donít need you anyway, I know everything I have to to get straight to the heart of it all.Ē He crouches, and the augmented muscles in his legs ripple with power, launching himself upwards in a mighty jump on to the top of a three-story building. Goddamn cyborgs.

The night is quiet around me, but itís an uneasy quiet, like right before a big thunderstorm or the outbreak of a huge battle, back when countries fought actual wars. I realize thatís basically what Iím doing now. I have declared a one-man war on CyberCorp, the largest and most powerful entity on the planet. I must be completely crazy, but if I donít stop them, nothing will. No one else even knows what the awakening actually is, and just how fucked up these whackos are.

I cough, for far too long a time. I start coughing up blood. Like something is stuck in my throat, burying its claws in my flesh and refusing to dislodge. I knew itíd happen sooner or later, but I thought itíd take more than a few minutes. Goddamn. Iíve got the plague. The nanovirus. Guess that makes my choice a good bit easier. Gonna die one way or the other, I might as well go down fighting. CyberCorp, here I come.

The only question left is how Iíll make my grand entrance.

      I know an arms dealer, I could stock up and then go in blasting.

      I could go in stealthily. Thereís gotta be a sewer entrance around there somewhere.

      I could just go to the front door and talk my way in.

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.