A Long Fall

He reaches for the cannon but I shove him away and pick it up.

“No Jack not in—”

I ignore him and jam the button. Hell with his lab. There’s a motion ripple in the air and every computer in the room shuts down and starts blowing sparks like blood from an open artery. I feel the chip in my head go dead.

Paris is sitting on the ground, hugging his knees.

“Stop sulking,” I say, “get up.”

He glares up at me. “Jack, you fool…”

I’m vaguely aware of something huge blasting through the door of the room, a glint of yellow eyes and teeth, and then a fist like a granite block connects with my chest and when I hit the shatterproof glass window behind me I blow right through it. God damn automated security.

Ten floors high, and the concrete rushes up to meet me.


Try Again.