Back In the Dark

After talking to the Jugg, I made a decision. The time has come. Cybercorp is a menace to everything on this planet, and they must be stopped, at any cost. Thereís too much mystery, too many unknowns, and too many conspiracies, and all the roads lead to one place Ė and it sure as hell isnít Rome. Something big is going on at CyberCorp and itís up to me to figure out just what the hell that thing is, and then put a stop to it. Itíll be tough and I probably wonít succeed but the possibility is there that if I play it right, take the right chances, meet the right people, itíll all open up to me. CyberCorp may be an international behemoth, but the one thing they donít expect is an old private eye with a debt to settle. And Jack Fenix always collects.

Something moves on a rooftop above me. The shadows shift oddly, displacing the light in strange ways. The sounds donít seem to fit the action quite right. Iíve been in the business long enough to know when someone is following me. I whirl around in the night, looking for any sign. Nothing. No one. Maybe time to try the overt route, then. ďCome out you bastard!Ē I yell. ďI know youíre following me!Ē Still no response, no more shadows, no out of place sounds. Whoever it is, this guy is good. ďCome out here or so help me God, I will you fill you with so much lead Ėď

A voice interrupts me from the darkness. ďWe canít have that, now can we?Ē Itís a male voice, familiar and yet . . . different. And then it hits me.

      I know who it is . . .

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.