Cyborg Killer

Drake Collins jumps in front of me, landing in a crouch on the cracked pavement. I knew this would happen. I have no chance against him if this goes on too long, my only real shot is to stun him quick enough that I can get away and take cover somewhere safer. I aim for his nose with my best right hook, but he’s too quick. He snaps his head back two inches, and my punch goes sailing by his face. He’s too good for me, dammit, I have to –

Something impacts the back of my skull and suddenly all I can see are stars and sparks exploding across my field of vision. I think I topple to the ground, unable to move for at least a few seconds. I become aware of the fact that small electric shocks keep pricking me from some point on the back of my head. Oh. He must have hit my implant, knocked it offline. That’s a bitch . . . or is it a favor?

Regardless, I have no time to think about it because Drake is standing on top of me like a gladiator atop a slain lion, ranting about something. Unfortunately, I am completely incapable of focusing on him. I have to make a quick decision here. This guy could kill me – and very well might – at any given second. I can either try and reason with him, hope that somehow CyberCorp’s hold over his mind has lessened, or I can give it one more shot at taking him down, once and for all. Doesn’t look like either is gonna be all that great of a solution.

      Try to reason with him

      Give it my all and take my one last shot at taking him out

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.