When You Gotta Go, Go

I guess I donít really have to pee all that badly. Iím just tired as all hell.

I need to sleep. I lay back down, pulling the sheet up around me. The room seems oddly warm, for some reason. Last I checked, my heater was barely working. The nightmare mustíve got me all riled up. I just need to settle down a bit.

As I drift back into sleep, I hear some sort of whir and click. Itís probably just some noise from the street, or maybe the heater giving off itís last gasp. Sleep surrounds me in its blanket of darkness.

A second later I wake up to the floor rocking and a massive fireball enveloping the room. The last thing I see in the millisecond before the explosion rips me apart is the silhouette of a man climbing through my window.



Try Again.