Sleep doesnít come easy. I toss and turn in my bed, the sheets always too hot or too cold. The artificial light from the streetlights outside casts the whole room in an eerie shade of orange. My mind turns back on the events of the day. Drake. Mandy. CyberCorp. Itís been a long day.

Eventually I pass from uneasy awareness to uneasy sleep. For a while, my sleep is mercifully dreamless. The first moment of calm Iíve had in quite a while. The god of sleep is obviously a sadistic asshole though, so eventually the dreams come fast and heavy. At first itís just a series of vignettes, senseless images. Thereís me in front of a vast metal wall with nothing else around me, then Iím being attacked by a swarm of bees which suddenly become machine guns. In one scene, Iím Tess, slicing through people with my cybernetic claws.

Then the images slow down and give way to a steady stream of action, or at least as steady as a dream can be. Iím floating in a mass of something liquid, sticky. Some sort of syrup, maybe. Iím swimming through it and there is no up, no down, just me floating. But itís not just me. Mandy is at my side, swimming along, going faster, straighter than me. She looks for something, her eyes flitting around nervously. Drake stands in front of us, in a parking lot. Sheís swimming towards him but I know sheíll never make it. ďStop!Ē I call. ďMandy, stop!Ē But sheís not paying attention to me so I try and swim after her and all of a sudden the syrup is blood and itís in my eyes, my mouth. Iím drowning in a sea of blood and thereís no way up, thereís no way out, I canít swim, I canít move, all I can do is let the blood overtake Ė

My eyes fly open. Iím panting, my sheets wrapped around me like snakes strangling their prey. The clock says 3:52. Iíve gotta pee.

      Get up and pee

      Ignore it, go back to sleep

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.