A Coverup

I’m freeriding data-streams on this guy, seeing if he’s popped up on Scape anytime recently. Entries stream in—the bastard’s been getting some good use of the nets. They line up in the air in front of me, and I tap the latest entry. It widens, enlarges to fill my view—I catch a glimpse of video feed.

And the screen goes black.

Shit. It’s in somebody’s interest to cover up Drake’s moves. I try a few more with the same result.

I’m about the start Actioncoding to try to break the encryption when I get pinged by an old contact—French fellow I met a few months ago gathering info in the Scapes. I accept and am pulled into a server, data streams converging into solid models around me. Black--just him and me floating in a fat eternity of starless space. Aimé's a good contact, but I hate his taste.

“Aha, Jack! I vas hoping you’d be on! Can you believe—I hahve a new favehorite game! Vould you cahre to see?”

“I’m a busy man, Aimé.”

“Oh, do not be zo boring, Jack! Perhaps I gihve you some infohmation aftervards? I know many things.”

Well, Aimé did usually have some good information. But there was that message waiting in my office. I had a choice to make.

      Play Aimé’s VR Game

      Jack out and get that message

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.