The Elevator

I have to get up fast, damn the danger. I press the call button for the elevator and the doors slide open instantaneously. Itís empty. Guess lady luckís got my number tonight. As I enter the elevator, an alarm starts beeping and the sounds of booted footfalls echo around the white corridor. Shit. I jam the door close button and press the highest button on the list, labeled 1. The lowest is 030. Looks like Iím going up thirty floors.

The elevator moves fast, but I expect it to stop and find myself facing a squadron of enforcers with machine guns any second.

But that doesnít happen. The door dings open to the empty lobby of a CyberCorp satellite office. Must be after hours. I donít waste time thinking. I race out the front doors into a parking lot with not a single car. Odd. Where do the enforcers park? I scan the area. At least Iím still in the city. Still, though, I need to get out of here. Gotta lie low for a bit, avoid the authorities. I know just the place.

      Get out of here and hit the bar

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.