The door slides open in front of me with a metallic hiss, and before I know it Iím through and running down the white halls. No enforcers. Faster, quick. Strange. Look out, donít slow. Gotta remember where I came from gotta figure out how to get out of here without dying gotta get through so many goddamn white walls and ohshit.

An enforcer steps around the corner and notices me. I think he yells ďStop!Ē or something to that effect, but I ignore him and race through the hall away from him. A bullet strikes the wall to my right, but Iím around the corner and running, and I have time. Iím way too old for this shit.

In front of me is the elevator. And no enforcers. This is almost too convenient, but now I have a decision. There are stairs near the elevator. I could take the stairs and run Ė that would be less susceptible to ambush or attack, but I have no idea how many flights I would have to climb to get to ground level, and Iím not sure I could make it, the shape Iím in. On the other hand, the elevator will get me where I want to go faster and easier, but if they ambush me in there, Iím dead. What the hell do I do?

      Take the stairs

      Take the elevator

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.