Hacking In

I start hammering the firewall with everything I've got--which isn't much. I took a few coding classes on the verse awhile back, got hooked up with a hacker through one of my old contacts who showed me some tricks, but my mind's hazy and I don't have much time.

Security's going on full-throtle now--it's a miracle they haven't booted me yet, shitty as my personal firewalling software is.

Code scrolls by like the line at the edge of a race-track, pouring out Flamebreakers I've bought or written. The firewall access code starts materializing in front of me--hot damn, but it's working. It runs through the whole code and its down to the last few characters when I see a little red light start blinking in my peripherals. In exactly one second, I'm being banned from this server. Not enough time for my flamebreaker programs to get through--I have to guess on the code myself, but the information I have gives me a clue.

Code accumulated so far:


      Inertia. It's got to be inertia.

      It's Initial. I hope.

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.