The Hard Road of Virtue

I stuff my self-preservation instincts down my throat and take my hand away from the driver’s seat doorhandle. I glance across the road at Drake and then go into a full sprint towards Mandy. He’ll be here in under thirty seconds. “Mandy!” I yell. “Get away, get out of here!”

She walks forward to meet me, apparently nonplused by my histrionics.

I’m up to her now, and I lower my voice and say, “Mandy, you’re in danger, get in your car and leave now.”

“What? Why? Where’s my brother?”

“He’s right there!” I point at the oncoming blur of Drake. So close.

“What . . ?” She looks. Her eyes go wide.

I manage to stammer out “He’s been experimented on by CyberCorp. He’s not human anymore. He’s superhumanly strong and he’s probably not even in control of himself. We have to get out of –”

But it’s too late. He’s already here. He stops running and looks directly at me, his eyes glassy and soulless, jet black marbles in a human skull. “Stop following me,” he says in a lifeless voice, and takes a single step in my direction. His muscular frame moves with unnatural steadiness, his blond hair reflecting the sunlight. “I don’t like people following me.”

“Drake?” Mandy squeaks. He turns to her, as if noticing her for the first time. I step forward toward both of them.

“These matters do not concern you,” he says. “Step back, little girl.” There’s no recognition in his voice.

“Do like he says, Mandy.”

She doesn’t. Instead, she says, much more forcefully this time, “Is it true? Did they . . . experiment on you? Make you into this . . . monster?”

“I said quiet. I cannot abide your petty whining.” he says, but he takes a step toward her. So do I.

“Drake!” She’s almost yelling now. This is not good. “What happened to you? Where did my brother go?”

“I am better in all ways now. Now stand back and let me deal with this one.”

“Come on, Drake, fight it! I know you’re still in there, please! Please Drake! You don’t have to be a mindless killing machine just because that’s what Cybercorp – ”

Things happen very quickly. He steps toward her. I run at him. He shifts his foot slightly to the left and I topple onto the pavement in time to see him lunge. In one fluid motion, he reaches out, clasps her head between his hands and twists it. She falls to the ground. At some point there’s a loud crack.

I scramble to my feet while Drake stands over his sister’s corpse. For a moment, a bit of light returns to his eyes. Maybe even a bit of sadness. But then it’s gone.

I’m standing right next to Mandy’s car. The sirens are almost on us. I may not have another chance.

      Draw the gun and avenge Mandy

      Get in the car and drive like hell

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.