A Dilemma

Data burns through the air around me, a Jacob’s Ladder of electric hyperlinks and streaming code. Most people, they jack in, they have to choose between Interweb and Scape… they see the code, the links, the info, or they go into the virtual reality Metascape. This new chip in my head—it lets me see both at once.

I’ve got to search for some more specific intel on Prostheticore and what exactly this place does. New cybernetics/infotech corporations spring up like weeds on growth hormones nowadays, and they’re about that useful too.

But as I bring up the search screen, I notice something. Someone, actually. A girl I knew, way back when. A friend. Well, maybe a little bit more than a friend. Regardless, she's sitting there on one of the search screens, her face pinched and grimacing like she just swallowed a gulp of bad beer. I suppose I better go see what’s wrong. Hell, you never know, there might just be a perk or two for me, but I mean, not that I’m just thinking about –

The phone starts ringing in my office. My real office, that is--little blip at the edge of my peripherals lets me know its happening. Probably pertains to the case, as I don’t get many other calls nowadays. Damn. Always has to be an inconvenience, doesn’t it. Guess I got a choice to make.

      Jack out of the Interweb and answer the phone

      Let the machine answer and connect to the MetaScape to find the girl

I couldn't take it anymore. I called it off.