Afternoon: A Commentary

Members of CCST02, "Telling Stories in Cyberspace," University Scholars Programme, National University of Singapore, Autumn 2000

  1. Kyris Ang, Afternoon: a story -- an electronic labyrinth?
  2. Candice Chan Jing Harn, The Never Ending Story
  3. Jervais Choo, Making Sense of an Afternoon
  4. Chew Yong Jack, An Afternoon's Roller Coaster Ride
  5. Chua Pei-Lin, Afternoon, a commentary
  6. Chua Ping Tzeun, Reinventing Hypertext
  7. Faizah bte Zakaria, Observing
  8. Pearl Maria Forss, Detective Story
  9. Adrian Kang, "The Thing That Should Not Be"
  10. Desmond KuahA Confusing yet Interesting Story of Sex and Death
  11. Lam Koi Yau, Journey of a Hypertext Reader: My afternoon reading Joyce's Afternoon
  12. Eugene Lee, A Confused Afternoon
  13. Lee Wei Bing, After this, what's next?
  14. Lim Jien Hwee, The Mind That Spins in Time
  15. Loi Pei Siang, Edmund, Afternoon: Tragedy, myth, sci-fi, eroticism or fiction?
  16. Nurhuda bte Ishak, My Take on Afternoon: A Story
  17. Edwin Ong Bin Leong, Alice In Wonderland (Afternoon)
  18. Johnny Ong, Detective and Mystery
  19. Philip Paul Peters, An Intimately Disorienting Afternoon
  20. Ma Shaoling, Before, during, Afternoon
  21. Sim Joo Jin, Sex, Death, Fragmentation
  22. Cindy Tay, Groundless Enthusiasm
  23. Tay Shi'an, Reading of Afternoon
  24. Voo Chee Kee, Challenging Afternoon
  25. Alvin Wee, Hypertext: A Literary Revoloution or Elitist Pastime?
  26. Wee Liang Meng, The Associative Mind
  27. Gilbert Wong, Afternoon: Overcoming Closure?
  28. Wong May Ee, Afternoon -- Elusively Present, Absent, and In Between
  29. Rachel Yeo, A Labyrinth
  30. Members of English 111, Autumn 1999

Members of English 111, Autumn 1997

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