The Pinch


"Fish Beach, north of town," Father answered meekly. "My son has cholera. I'm taking him

to see Dr. Wu." 


I was so wrapped up in the conversation between Father and the sentry that I forgot to 

groan. But I screamed in pain when Father pinched me hard on the thigh. The sentry waved 

us past.


"You little bastard!" Father cursed angrily when we were safely out of earshot. "Why didn't

you groan?"


"That pinch hurt, Dad, it hurt a lot!"


I still remember the time when Father recalled this incident to me and that he can never 

forget the pinch by Granddad that was so intense that he cannot stop his tears from rolling 

but because he knew Granddad is bound to flare up if he were to cry that he had to force 

himself to hold back his tears biting on his lips hard till it was all red and swollen.