How inhumane, how could the Japanese do this to my second Grandma and my auntie,

Xiangguan. Xiangguan was only a small girl when she was and kill in a horrendous manner

by a young Japanese seemingly the most decent looking of the lot that broke into 

the house. Little Aunt was bayoneted, lifted on the point of his bayonet, swung her in 

a couple of arcs, then flung her away.


Passion is what second Grandma is called and she tried all her best to protect Little Aunt

but in vain. She was gang-raped despite the fact that she was pregnant; desperate to

save Xiangguan's life and that's all that occupied her mind but occasionally she is 

gripped by her fear.


When Granddad arrives the next day, Little Aunt was already dead and Grandma 

is half-alive, practically losing all her will to live. Tormented and traumatized, she had been

met with the disaster she hardly envisages.


Shortly, she died but of a very weird death.