Oh dear I'm getting sleepy. I try hard to continue reading but I am no longer reading it 



"Commander, if a Japanese raped my sister, should he be shot?"

"Of course!" 

"If a Chinese raped my sister, should he be shot?"

"Of course!" Commander Yu replied. 

"That's just what I wanted to hear." Adjuvant Ren said. "Big Tooth Yu deflowered the 

local girl, and I've ordered the men to tie him up." My eyes closing.


I forced open my eyes with my fingers, I have been taught this way to keep sober. 

Continuing with my reading,


"Because he's your uncle?" Adjuvant Ren asked caustically.


Eye lids drooping again. I move my positioning and stared hard on the same page.


Commander Yu, pistol in hand, stared at Adjuvant Ren retreating back and growled 

through clenched teeth, "Go on. Get the fuck out of here! No damned schoolboy is going 

to tell me what to do! In the ten years I ate fistcakes, nobody was that insolent to me."


My book dropped, it jerked me awake but only for a while and soon the sleepiness crawled

back to me. Picking up the book, not knowing where Išve stopped I stared blankly onto 

the page in front of me now.


Father and a bunch of kids crept timidly over to the inlet, where they could look down 

at Big Tooth Yu, whose body lay face up in the mud. All that was left of his face was the

perfectly formed mouth. The fluids of his brain had oozed into his ears from the 

shattered . . . [flipping over to the next page] scalp, and one of his eyeballs hung from the

socket like a huge grape on his cheek.