Murder 5


The following morning, Granddad and Grandma rode their black mules over to the home of, 

who was, melting silver into longevity ingots. When they burst in on him, he knocked over 

the smelting kettle in alarm.


"I hear Nine Dreams Cao rewarded you with ten silver dollars," Granddad said.


"Spare me, worthy son-in-law." Great-Granddad fell to his knees.Granddad took out ten

silver dollars and stacked them on Great-Granddad's shiny scalp.

"Hold your head up straight, and don't move!" he demanded. He moved back a few steps. 

Pow pow. Two silver dollars sailed into the air. Two more shots sent two more silver 

dollars flying. Before Granddad had fired ten shots, Great-Granddad lay in a blubbering heap 

on the floor. Grandma took out a hundred silver dollars and tossed them on the floor, which

shone like silver.


What is this, a conspiracy between my Granddad and Grandma and they were supposed to 

practice Confucius's filial piety!