Poor guy and why did he in the first place care for the mules. All because of the mules that

his cranium gets a hole; it was bloody, painful when he rubbed his injured skull with mud. 

Tortured by the overseer when he was working as labourer not least his eventual death

of extreme cruelty and morbidity; frightful to watch and unimaginable by anyone.


"Why had he bother to come back for the mule and even to make such a fuss killing

one and injuring another?" one of my classmate was commenting uncomprehendingly to his

apparent foolishness.


"I bet he is in love with Dai as well." another commented. 


"No, I think he is loyal to his mistress."

"I see it as pure folly!"


With continuous speculations, still nothing can save Uncle Arhat from his impending doom, 

nothing can change his fate.