We were in town to purchase ammunitions and father said that Pocky Leng is going to 

pay back double for his actions, but father did not expect that these ammunitions would be

used against the Japanese.


We entered a tiny courtyard, where a small red paper lantern hung from the eave of the

house. A woman stood in the doorway, her face so heavily powdered you couldn't tell her

age. I will always remember how she flirted around and trying to seduce my father, hailing 

my father as dear elder brother with unusual affected sweetness. She is the lady whom we

purchased the ammunitions from.


"Don't do that," my father complained. "Not in front of my son. I can't waste time with

 you today!"


She was very like one of the female dog, Pinky that belonged to one of my neighbor. Pinky

was often seen trying to attract the attentions of the opposite sex especially the dogs my

mother reared, often flaunting around and she was known to give birth to puppies

of diverse appearances. This woman we were dealing with is like Pinky. She is no economy



That familiar story my father had recounted several times and he often drifts to the battles

he had with the dogs with my mum. The enduring enthusiasm that my father exhibits as 

always when he recounts the victorious battle of his.


After liaising with her for some time, she finally agreed to the deal. She took down the 

lantern and walked into the house.


"I have tried to rewrite the story from the perspectives of Douguan and hopefully through 

his filter we will be able to understand the situations in his time and to speculate how he 

thinks." This is my postings for the lesson today.