"How could she do this to me! That bitch!" Exasperated, I tried to find my pistol but I 

could not find it. She must have kept it. Sobbing could be heard in the corner of the bed.


"Please Yu, please don't go. You've just come back and you're leaving me again." 

Passion was wailing as she spoke that almost melt my heart.


Fueled by extreme anger and filled with excessive man's pride, I couldn't let myself do nothing 

and sit around wearing the greenhat. 


"Dai is fooling around with another man, how do you expect me to take that?" I answered

but it seems that no sound came out of my mouth.


"Am I not good enough for you?" she retorted.


I hardened my heart and shoved her away. "Shut up and give me my gun!" I snarled.