With all the firing going on and the unison chantings by the Iron Society members, 

"Amalai, amalai, amalai," the scene was chaotic. The puppet troops were at first intimidated

and beaten to a retreat by the aggressive knife welding attackers but no sooner had the

tide turned where the disillusioned Iron Society members were simply no match for the 

deadly weapons.


"Spread out!" my father shouted to the members. "Flatten Out!"


"Get up, Chant! Iron head iron arm iron wall iron barrier iron heart iron spleen iron sheet

keep away bullets don't dare approach iron ancestor riding tiger urgent edict amalai . . ." 

Black Eye was yelling back at the members.


A bullet whizzed over his head, and he hit the ground like a dog scrounging for shit. My

father gave him a quick sneering look.


And after the skirmish, it had established Father as the unchallenged leader of Iron