Poor Great-Granddad-not only was his complain rejected, but the fifty lashes left his 

buttocks in such sad shape he couldn't even sit on his donkey, and had to lead it behind

him as he staggered home. Shortly after leaving town, he heard hoofbeats behind him, and 

when he turned to look, he recognized the county magistrate's black colt. Fearing for his life,

he fell to his knees. 


The rider was Magistrate Cao's right-hand man, Master Yan. "Old man," he hailed him, 

"get up, get up."  The magistrate said that, since he's your daughter's foster-dad, there's a 

certain kinship between the two of you.  The whipping was intended as a lesson for you. 

He wants you to take these ten silver dollars home to open a small business and forget 

about ill-gotten wealth."


Yes, Great-grandfather had maligned my grandma that she was sleeping around with

spotted neck, the bandit who had opened fired at Magistrate Cao, so that when her daughter

is thrown into prison, he would be the beneficiary to the wealth of her daughter.