Hypertext and the Cyborg

Lester D. Stone, EL 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University, 2006

Hypertext and the cyborg interconnects. The first question that comes to mind usually revolves around hypertext. Hypertext represents a medium where verbal and nonverbal passages linked. Much information on cyborgs make up of lexias or blocks of texts that link together to form a multilinear document. Hypertext resembles the roots of the website and contributes heavily in this information age that the human being lives in. To be able to link to many documents to where sequentiality is eliminated can be confusing. Avant garde writers such as Thomas Pynchon older experimental writers such as Leonard Sturne have used writing as a nonlinear tool. Cyborg's can be just as multilinear as hypertext. The cyborg shows nonlinearity. If one considers the cyborg not having an origin. Without an origin, the cyborg escapes what confines and holds most things. That confinement suggests an origin. For years, humans have been looking for the origins to life. Some people believe everything has an origin. Others do not see an origin. The cyborg can also be seen in links. The fictional cyborgs represent prime examples. The bio-tech integrator cyborg show interconnectivity through wires connected through his or her body and the technology becomes ingrained in their body. In many movies, animes, cyborgs are what the Cyborg Handbook describes as passing, Similiar to when blacks tried to pass for whites, cyborgs would hide their metallic structure with human skin and hair. Passing encompases one of the themes in the Silent Mobius manga with the character Kiddy. Usually these characters are sex-toy as well as techno-sohisticates.

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