Life Technology

Lester D. Stone, EL 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University, 2006

Post mortem maternal ventilation uses life supporting technologies to sustain pregnancies to brain-dead women so that their fetuses may grow. Two types of women conditions exist. Pregnant cadavers are brain-dead women whose fetuses are still alive, while ventilated pregnant cadavers are bodies to which ventilation must be applied in order of sustain the fetus. Ventilated pregnant bodies retain a fleshy skin color, are warm to the touch, and lack the stiffness of dead bodies. thus simulating the state of being alive. The pregnant woman's body becomes the technology to transform the fetus when the woman is dead. The mother becomes a technomom. The occurrence of a dead woman giving life to a baby only is possible if both the fetus and the woman are transformed into cyborgs. Life technology represents the strangest of the Fetal technologies.

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