Get on with your life

Marcello Sachs '10, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University (Fall 2006)

After purchasing the two bottles of solution, you find TJ over in the "Toys" aisle.

You : "Alright TJ, we'll get you the sand shovels for Christmas."

TJ : "You're a funny guy."

After getting into the car, TJ makes a suggestion.

TJ : (pointing to the end of the parking lot that doesn't visibly connect to a road) "You know, I wonder if we can get out that way?"

You : "Why?"

TJ : "Oh I don't know. Let's just continue doing errands."

You : "What, ,is that all we do?"

TJ : "No, no. Our entire youth isn't spent getting chasing cats, buying contact solution, and getting gifts for the next holiday."

You : "Dude, of course not. It's usually much more interesting."

TJ : "Yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about. Sorry about that."

You : "Yeah, TJ. You've been acting kinda strange lately; you feeling OK?"

TJ : "I'm good, I'm good. Wait, what the heck are you doing — I was just joking. Man, its probably not good for this car to go over that kind of grass."

You : "What do you mean? This is the way we always take."

TJ : "Ha. Seriously dude."

(car swerves right, turning around corner of CVS)

You : "Crap. Steel dumpster."

TJ : "DUDE!!"

(In order to avoid crashing into the steel dumpster, you barely squeeze in between two parked Cadillacs situated with other parked cars in a circle.)

TJ : "Good one, man. Reeeaaal good one.

You are first filled with surprise and then great elation at the fact that you didn't crash. That was too close — what were you thinking? Your emotions quickly turn to fear once you look up to see four scary men in the center of the parked cars; they are all looking at you. You immediately get out of the car. This is probably a bad idea, but for some reason you do it without thinking; it's probably because you feel guilty. One of the men is wearing sunglasses. He speaks to you.

Sunglasses : "Hey, we never talked about showing up now. Here. We deal with you over the counter."

You are in quite the predicament: what do you do? You could play along with it, and then try to sneak out. But that may be disastrous; should you just own up to the fact that you accidentally stumbled upon this little gathering, and then get the hell out?

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