Marcello Sachs '10, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University (Fall 2006)

Squeezing out of the garage, you make it out of the driveway and then onto the road. You try not to accelerate too quickly. Although the van is exquisitely adorned from front to back, it is completely retarded in terms of its actual functional capacity: driving. Besides, one has to be pretty careful on the roads of Boca Raton no matter what vehicle one is driving. With all the eighty-year old drivers unable to see over the steering wheel, one has to remain alert and on the defensive.

It takes you only three minutes to get to the CVS plaza. Once inside, you search out the aisle with "eye care." Finding it near the pharmaceutical section, you head over. You purchase two bottles of your preferred brand.

"That was quick" you say to yourself; your day seems to have gotten off in an efficient way. While driving out of CVS, you notice the Jamba-Juice across the street. You could really go for a smoothie from Jamba-Juice. Plus, you still have plenty of time to make it over to TJ's house and the mall.

Upon walking into Jamba-Juice, you notice that a friend from the class below you in high school is working there. You both exchange conversation as you enjoy a nice mango-peach smoothie with a free protein-boost. Man, some things in Boca are not bad at all. You check your cell phone and notice that half an hour has passed — you should probably get moving on the day. After wishing your friend good luck in his senior year, you hop in your car determined to check off the next item on your To - Do List. Your friend is on the way to the mall, so you head to his house first.

Upon arriving at his house, however, you find no one home; he must be out somewhere. After ringing the doorbell twice and waiting a few minutes you get back in your car and drive to the mall. The drive is pretty smooth; there are surprisingly few people on the road. However, just as you approach the parking lot entrance for the mall, two cars zoom — going at least 80 mph — past you as they leave the lot and enter the main road. Thank goodness for your reflexes — you are able to stop the car before making contact with these maniacs. However, the driver behind you weren't paying as good attention; he decelerates too slowly crashing into the back of your car. Luckily there is no great whiplash — you are basically unharmed. Though before you even step out of the car you know the back has been trashed.

How did a day that started out so decent become so destroyed? Reckless assholes.


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