Faunce House. 5:30AM.

Captain Bold Rigard uses WebCT to hack open the large box containing the cyborg while the rest of the pirate crew looks on eagerly, jostling, scratching, biting, and kicking each other for a good view of the proceedings. Outside the first light of dawn begins degrading the darkness from the main green. After a few minutes of intense concentration on the part of the captain, the walls of the box fall open, revealing what appears to be another box. After another several minutes he hacks this box open, only to find another box. For hours he hacks into box after box, each more heavily protected than the last. Over time the pirates grow disinterested and tired and begin leaving, and by the time the captain has opened the last box only he and the first mate remain.

Inside this last box sits something that looks almost identical to the nodes with which Brown students access WebCT. Bold Rigard removes his own node and pops the content of the final nested box into his forehead.

Suddenly he has access to a whole wealth of information in an organizational structure he had only before dreamed of. This made WebCT look like ninja’s play. Where the WebCT world could be explored and manipulated by a user, this system evolves around the user, constantly shifting and reorganizing data structures and, even more astoundingly, creates new information as it goes. Bold Rigard finds himself within the intelligence center of an AI, and can control the AI’s prerogatives. Bold Rigard instructs the AI to tap into a potential which had always existed but, with the confines of the technology, could never before be capitalized upon. He hacks into another student’s brain through WebCT. Anne Bony had volunteered as a test subject when Bold Rigard first had the idea, but she was far too valuable to risk damaging. Instead, he chooses a pirate he had never particularly liked and dives in.

The WebCT representation of the inside of the pirate’s brain resembles the inside of the AI program, only much much simpler. Bold Rigard plays around for a while, exploring different pathways and corrupting the occasional neuron here and there to try to generate interesting effects. In the process he stumbles on a pack of neurons which store the pirate’s defining pieces of his identity. The captain implements the AI to analyze this structure, and finds the pirate to, no surprise, define himself mostly by piracy and drinking, but with some other unsavory things on the side. Bold Rigard instructs the AI to search through other pirates’ brains for the same structure, and in each he finds the same sort of thing. He then sends the AI out to do a campus wide brain search for those who define themselves as ninja. Within seconds he has dozens of matches. At random he chooses one and taps into her memories, and he has discovered all of the ninja’s best guarded secrets, inclu ding their secret meeting spot.

Bold Rigard searches for all people who share these memories as well as the ninja identities. Then, on a second thought, he simply instructs the AI to destroy the minds of everyone with the ninja identity.

All of the ninja on campus suddenly go brain-dead.

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