Player Character: I though it would be interesting for the player the assume the role of a newly sentient being, something similar to Max, in Max Headroom, or the Puppet Master in Ghost in the Shell. I decided that the character would not be a computer, though, but rather the corrupted personality file of someone who had been stored on a computer. The original inspiration was the the stored personality of McCoy Pauley in the novel Neuromancer.

The player, while realizing their newly found sentience, would unknowingly start a simulation program on the computer , inserting their conscious into a "doll". The doll resides in the simulated world of 8 Pine Hill Lane, which has one house and a small surrounding forest. This would was constructed by the famous neuroscientist, Ian Sampson for his daughter who suffers from a terminal disease.

Items: Originally I wanted to knowledge of the surrounding world to be very limited. The game would start out in darkness, and then the character would have only once sense, feeling. Therefore I decided that some of the items would be body parts. This would be a more traditional, physiological view of the cyborg, where the character would be able to attach eyes, ears, and a nose. Each would allow the player to get more information about the world. After that the player would go on to learn how to read, or rather remember language. They would need clothes to travel out into the cold. The world would be inhabited by the technology that we take for granted , a television, phone, a computerized library. After the player completed a few puzzles they would be able to exit the world if they wanted, perhaps without even discovering one of the items that would enhance their knowledge about the background story. TO DOLL HOUSE.