Inform7 is a program designed to help craft interactive fiction. Interactive fiction sounds akin to what hypertext strives to be. One of the advantages over a plain html hyper textual document is the fact that inform is designed to make something akin to a video game, so it can keep track of what the player has done. The makes the story able to act in a more intelligent fashion. It also restores some power to the author, which can be seen as a blessing or a curse. What was so appealing was the ability to keep track of an inventory and let the character collect more than information. I envisioned the character collecting not knowledge, but tools that would give the player access to even more knowledge. These tools would related to the concept of the cyborg, and human being's reliance on the body, the machine, and the machine of society. The downside of Inform7 is that it doesn't have links in the html sense. On a web page, a user need only click on a link. Inform gives the user the ability to input text. The user can input an infinite amount of information, and it is up to the programmer to decide which is the most likely that the user will and accommodate for it.