RPG video games primarily focus on characters and plot. Their name refers back to the physical counterpart, pencil and paper role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Essentially, digitizing role playing games seeks to immerse one in the world by loosing the dice and adding flashy graphics and music. In doing so the video game designers hope to give a visible, simulated, manifestation of imagination. The video game industry is rapidly advancing and maturing. A game that you'd pick up for the Nintendo Wii is a far cry from Pong, albeit the concept can still be the same(take a look at Wii Tennis). The advertisements for role playing games, for instance, have begun to mirror movie advertisements(sample trailer). But video games have a definite advantage over the movie screen, because video games are interactive. Interactivity promises to draw the user more and more into the metaphorical shoes of the player. But there is still a degree of separation between avatar and self.