Weak Battle Strategy (7)

Jomo Fray '10, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University (Fall 2006)


The shrill cry could be heard for miles. The Lei soldiers rushed to the west side of the outpost to witness the remnants of the Po army screaming some yards away from the gate. The soldiers were in perfect lines and formation but they just screamed at the Lei gate. Not moving. The Lei soldiers were horrified. They did not know how to react. The wisest decision would be to go out and capture the entire army but the odd characteristics of the Po were too strange for any one soldier to start the trend. The Lei assessed the situation and decided these soldiers were no threat; their small numbers suggested they had gone awol and assassinated their commander or had become insane over the course of the campaign. The Lei opened the gates, with the Po continuing to screech. Although they were terrified of the soldier's condition, the Lei soldiers allowed their guard to drop for a moment due to the fear of the unknown. When the Lei gates were opened and the Lei soldiers looked too baffled to approach, you commanded your army to attack swiftly. The attack was so out of the blue; the Lei did not have time to understand what was happening. Hours later, the fort was ours. The desperate nature of your army made them vicious fighters. At this point many men felt like they did not have much to lose, thus, they were hyper deadly. The desperate man, is the deadly man.

Few casualties were suffered. The end result is an upsetting victory over the Lei. The Lei Forward Outpost has been captured! You command your troops to take down Lei flags and put up Po flags around the base. With less than 150 casualties, this was a successful charge and an important one in the fight against Lei. One more step in the right direction to conquering Lei. Now the battle must be taken to the gates of Lei. Next stop is the Dezla plains and Lei's capital city Singjo.

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