Weak Battle Strategy (6)

Jomo Fray '10, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University (Fall 2006)


The gates of the Lei Forward Outpost slide open. Thousands of troops begin to flood out of the colossal gates of Lei. The troops sprint to the battleground in hopes of catching the Po army with their backs turned. No such luck. The Lei soldiers reach the first farm house, ablaze. You command your men to ambush the confused Lei soldiers. The Lei are about equal in numbers and skill. Many of these commandos are the best in all of Lei. Your troops fought a valiant battle. Luckily you were able to utilize the element of surprise to overcome the Lei battalion. Otherwise you could have lost the battle and had been captured.

. . . .
As this goes on, trouble begins to brew at the Lei gates.
. . . .

The second squadron attacks the forward outpost directly. Without as many soldiers the Lei find it hard to hold off the attack. You have the advantage. The remaining Lei soldiers had not expected an attack by Po troops so soon. Yet your troops are already spread thin among here and the farm houses so the outcome was not as decisive as you had wished. The direct attack had brought heavy casualties. This battle had cost your army too much; your casualties had run up near 65,000. Many of the enemy troops were very skilled fighters and without a massive battalion, many soldiers had to fight one-on-one with these men, leading to their death. The morality among your troops is at a record low. There seems to be deception among the ranks.

. . . .
Due to the heavy losses, you must head back to Po and prepare your soldiers for the following spring to retry your campaign against Lei! The battle will rage on.

>> Back to Po for training until the day comes that . . . >>

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