Weak Battle Strategy (5)

Jomo Fray '10, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University (Fall 2006)

You call HALT! Ahead of you in the distance is the massive Lei Forward Outpost. The outpost is a heavily fortified Lei command post. The base is swarming with some of the best Lei commandos in the country. The mere sight of the base was enough to cause many soldiers to squirm in their saddles. This would not be an easy victory. The Lei base was heavily guarded and well armed. This fight would call for much more finesse and strategy than the first battle. The Tao of deception would have to be utilized if your army wanted to stand a chance against this powerhouse. The heavy casualties suffered during the last battle would have to come into play when devising a strategy for attack.

"The military is a Tao of deception-
Thus when able, manifest inability.
When active, manifest inactivity.
When near, manifest as far.
When far, manifest as near.
Thus when he seeks advantage, lure him.
When he is in chaos, take him.
When he is substantial, prepare against him.
When he is strong, avoid him.
When he is wrathful, harass him.
Attack where he is unprepared.
Emerge where he does not expect.

-Sun Tzu

With these rules of engagement flowing through your head. You spot some nearby farms and some cherry bushes. INSTANTLY, two ideas hit you.

"YES, Hmmmmmm . . . . . . one of these might be just crazy enough to work!"

>> "I got it! Lets cut the enemy in half and meet in the middle!">>

>> "I got it! We will be so crazy they won't be able to harm us!" >>

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