Strong Battle (52)

Jomo Fray '10, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University (Fall 2006)

"It is the gnaled and crooked tree that escapes the woodsman's axe" ŠLao Zi

At times, in the most desperate situations an army can use desperation as its greatest weapon. Effective fear tactics can raise your troops from mortal men to demons in the eyes of the enemy. These last ditch attempts can turn the favor to the smaller force. It is most effective with a small unit, one that is clearly marked with desperation.

"Every day have vanguard go forth and instigate
skirmishes with them in order to psychologically
wear them out. Have our older and weaker soldiers
drag brushwood to stir up the dust, beat the drums
and shout, and move back and forth- some going to
the left, some going to the right, never getting any
closer than a hundred paces from the enemy, Their
general will certainly become fatigued, and their troops
will become fearful. In this situation the enemy will
not dare to come forward. Then when we come forth
with our three armies the enemy will certainly be defeated.

-The Six Secret Teachings of Tai Gong

"When an eagle is about to attack, it will fly low and draw
in its wings. When a fierce cat is about to strike, it will fold
back its ears and crouch low. When the Sage is about to move,
he will certainly display a stupid countence.

-The Six Secret Teachings of Tai Gong

You must hide behind a facade of madness to trick the enemy into a false sense of security. Once the enemies guard has been dropped is when the true attack is sprung. The attack must be quick and deadly as to leave no time for the enemy to get their wits about them. Before they know what is happening, they have been defeated.

>> "this might be just the kind of CRAZY I need to win this fight!"

>> "This plan is TOO crazy to work! Perhaps the other strategy would be more effective" >>

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