Battle Strategy (82)

"The method of attacking walled cities-
Ready the siege towers and armored vehicles.
This is completed after three months.
Pile up the earthworks.
This also takes three months.
If the general is not victorious over his anger
And sets them swarming like ants,
One third of the officers and soldiers are killed
And the walled city not uprooted-
This is the calamity of attack

And so one skilled at employing the military
Subdues the other's military but does not do battle,
Uproots the other's walled city but does not attack,
Destroys the other's state but does not prolong.
One must take it whole when contending for all-under-heaven.
Thus military is not blunted and advantage can be whole.
This is the method of the strategy of attack.

-Sun Tzu

This method is very reliable, the only problem is the time involved. For if the Lei soldiers attack the encampment then your troops would be forced to fight back until the siege weapons were build and ready for infiltration. You would have the tactical advantage because the enemy would be attacking you and "Invincibility is defense. Vincibility is attack."- The Art of War. You could make your presence routine which would make the enemy cease to see you as a threat thus giving you the time to construct the means to conquer the city.

"In conflicts which involve large numbers of people, it is
possible to get the opponent to become lax in their guard.
When they are in a state of agitation and show signs of impatience,
appear as if nothing is bothering you and put forth an easy
going, relaxed stance. When you perceive that the mood has
been transferred (to your opponent), you have a chance to
achieve victory by making a strong attack with as much
speed as possible.

-Miyamoto Musashi

>> Proceed with this plan of attack. >>

>> Contemplate your options. >>

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