Battle Strategy (1)

Jomo Fray '10, English 65, The Cyborg Self, Brown University (Fall 2006)

The ratio of your men to the enemies' men is 4 to 1.

"When ten to one, surround them.
When five to one, attack them.
When two to one, do battle with them.
When matched, then divide them.
When fewer, then defend against them.
When inadequate, then avoid them.

- Sun Tzu

Thus, the battle numbers are in your favor. Attacking would bring victory, but would it be the best way to attain it is truly the question. This battle could bring your army fame and raise moral of your troops if executed precisely. Although alternatively, the battle could go in the opposite direction and cause solider loyalty to wane due to such heavy casualties. If you lose too many of your men deep into enemy territory you will either have to call for reinforcements or retreat back to Po and start the campaign again the following summer. This strategy would defeat the enemy but substantial casualties could be lost in battle.


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Last modified 31 December 2006